Tuesday, November 5, 2013

April 23, 2002, Music Millennium In-Store, Portland, OR

01.  Another Girl, Another Planet (Only Ones)
02.  No Expectations (Rolling Stones)
03.  Waiting For Somebody
04.  Best Thing That Never Happened
05.  Achin To Be
06.  Got You Down
07.  We May Be The Ones
08.  2 Days Til Tomorrow
09.  Lookin Out Forever
10.  Take Out Some Insurance (Jimmy Reed)
11.  Let The Bad Times Roll
12.  I Will Dare
13.  Swingin Party
14.  Psychopharmacology
15.  Skyway
16.  Portland
17.  Once around The Weekend
18.  Sylvia Plath

There goes another round the bend,
I gotta sweep this floor again...

Solo promotional in-store appearance for the ‘Mono/Stereo’ albums. Surprise appearance of the Replacements outake ‘Portland.’

Recording: Audience

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