Tuesday, November 5, 2013

August 17, 1985, Trenton City Gardens, Trenton, NJ

01. Love You Till Friday
02. Kiss Me On The Bus
03. Unsatisfied
04. I Will Dare (Bob shows up)
05. Bastards Of Young
06. I’m In Trouble
07. God Damn Job
08. Color Me Impressed
09. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
10. Takin A Ride
11. Dose Of Thunder
12. If Only You Were Lonely
13. I’ll Buy
14. Favorite Thing
15. Can’t Hardly Wait
16. Lay It Down Clown
17. Left Of The Dial
18. Answering Machine
19. Black Diamond
20. Take Me Down To The Hospital
21. Go
22. Johnny’s Gonna Die
23. Kids Don’t Follow

Take off your shirt, where does it hurt?
Get outta them slacks, outta them slacks, cut the belt...

Support: ‘The Rettmans’ and possibly ‘Mortal Micronauts’

Recording: Soundboard

Notes: Bob is late for the show, arriving during ‘I Will Dare.’ Someone yells “I want my money back,” to which Paul replies, “I don’t blame ya.” Interesting thing about this show, especially considering the era, not one cover song is played (“Black Diamond” doesn’t count since they made it their own). Early 5:30 pm show. - This show has often been listed as August 18 but I have never seen any verification for that date. There are at least two fliers that list it as the 17th.

Bootleg: The Late Bob Show (incomplete).

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  1. It was August 17, my 21st birthday. Bob was late because he was hanging out with Jackie, John and I.