Tuesday, March 18, 2014

July 17, 1980, Longhorn Bar, Minneapolis, MN

01. I Wanna Be Loved (Johnny Thunders)
02. More Cigarettes
03. Hey Little Girl
04. So Long
05. Get Off The Telephone
06. Get On The Stick
07.  All Day And All Of The Night (The Kinks)
08. All By Myself (Johnny Thunders)

I don’t watch the T.V, I watch the clock,
Party going up there on the block...

Supporting: The Dads

Notes: Earliest known live recording.

Recording: Soundboard

Bootleg: The Early Mats / 1980-1981 Early Shows


  1. Is this available to download ? If so I can't find the link.

  2. I found it. Can't wait to give this a listen tonight

  3. Any chance of posting, 1/31/81 FM broadcast from the 7th. St. Entry? I had it on cassette years ago, but it got lost in a move. That date could very well be wrong though. I remember Westerberg making a comment to the crowd about why they would show up to see them because they were "missing the North Stars".

  4. 'Hey Little Girl' is a Divinyls cover.

    1. Actually I did some checking when I realised Divinyls didn't release their version of the song as "Hey Little Boy" until 1988. Apparently the song was originally called "Little Girl" when written and recorded by Syndicate of Sound in 1966, although the Mats were possibly more familiar with the Dead Boys live version which was on their album 'Young Loud and Snotty'. Sorry about that.

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