Friday, February 21, 2014

January 19, 1991, Greek Theatre, University Of Redlands, Redlands, CA

01. I Don’t Know
02. I Will Dare
03. Achin’ To Be
04. Bent Out Of Shape
05. Merry Go Round
06. Satellite
07. Anyway You Want It (Dave Clark Five/The Ramones)
08. Swingin Party
09. Waitress In The Sky
10. One Wink At A Time
11. Skyway
12. When It Began
13. Black Diamond > Raw Ramp (T. Rex)
14. Talent Show
15. Can’t Hardly Wait
16. Nobody
17. Asking Me Lies
18. I’ll Be You
19. Never Mind
20. I.O.U.
21. Answering Machine
22. Little Mascara
23. Someone Take The Wheel
24. Within Your Reach
25. The Ledge
26. Kissin’ In Action
27. Left Of The Dial
28. Alex Chilton
29. Unsatisfied
30. Bastards Of Young

Baggage claim is this way,
So watch her walk down that way...

Support: The Posies

Notes: Outdoor venue with a concrete stage. Rare performance of the Dave Clark Five’s ‘Anyway You Want It.’

Recording: Audience


  1. Nice high energy show - but it's running fast - a half step up.

    1. Thought the same thing, but I had no way to correct it.