Friday, January 31, 2014

September 3, 2004, Ranch Bowl, Omaha, NE

01. Intro.
02. Sometimes
03. Nothing
04. Shortcut Through The Dirt
05. Nightime
06. Miss Self Esteem
07. Without A View
08. OK
09. Couldn’t Wait
10. Makes Me Happy
11. Somethings Wrong
12. Not A Moment Too Soon
13. Bite Your Tongue
14. Hey You
15. Light Of Day
16. Someday
17. Seven Days A Week
18. Turn It Up
19. Alternative Monkey
20. Motivation

Did you look too deep,
Step to far into the light...

Notes: Back by The Alien Crime Syndicate.

Recording: Audience


  1. Alas, this place is now gone. I believe the Westerberg show here in 2003 was his first solo show ever.

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