Wednesday, October 9, 2013

June 11, 1992, KROQ FM “Lovelines”, Los Angeles, CA

01. Intro.
02. Popular Creeps (LP edit)
03. Interview
04. Amy (caller)
05. Bill (caller)
06. Jerry (caller)
07. Interview > Rock And Swap
08. Nicole (caller)
09. Josh (caller)
10. Brian And Nicole (callers)
11. Monkey Sees (LP fade-in)
12. Shawn (caller)
13. Fernando (caller)
14. Sonja (caller)
15. Interview > Outer Limits (lp fade-out) > I Don’t Know (LP fade-in) > Interview
16. Walt (caller)
17. Goodbyes
18. I, Me, We, Us, Them (LP fade-out)

I used to play drums,
For The Replacements...

Notes: Chris sits with Dr. Drew and takes calls from people looking for love advice. Some talk of the Mats and Chris’s solo career interspersed throughout.

Recording: Broadcast

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  1. Nice broadcast. Thank you for it. Would love to hear more of Mars suff here...