Friday, September 6, 2013

June 19, 1986, Heartbreaker’s, Oyster Bay, NY

01. Bastards Of Young
02. Dose Of Thunder
03. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
04. Hayday
05. Unsatisfied
06. Can’t Hardly Wait
07. Left Of The Dial
08. Little Mascara
09. Answering Machine
10. I Will Follow (U2) > Fun Fun Fun (Beach Boys)
11. Sixteen Blue
12. Lookin For Ya
13. Batman Theme (Neal Hefti)
14. Favorite Thing
15. Yeah Yeah (Revillos)
16. God Damn Job
17. Color Me Impressed
18. Black Diamond
19. Marine Corps Hymn (Phillips)
20. Eighteen (Alice Cooper)
21. School’s Out (Alice Cooper)
22. Waitress In The Sky
23. Take Me Down To The Hospital

Take off your shirt,
Where does it hurt....

Notes: “Paul in a freshly laundered striped short-sleeve shirt and pretty sharp and sober. Bob looked straight at first, but wound up spraying the folks up front with Heineken from his smiling spout of a mouth. They played a good long time and everyone seemed Very Satisfied!” - S. Collins

Recording: Audience


  1. Totally awesome. Thanks for making these available. How about some Slim Dunlap solo sets at some point?

  2. No longer available.