Monday, April 27, 2015

Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, CA (JB)

01.  I’m In Trouble
02.  Kissin’ in Action
03.  Little Mascara
04.  Color Me Impressed
05.  Love You Till Friday > Maybellene (Chuck Berry)
06.  Treatment Bound
07.  Take Me Down to the Hospital
08.  Waitress in the Sky
09.  Valentine
10.  Achin’ to Be
11.  Kiss Me on the Bus
12.  Nobody
13.  I Will Dare
14.  Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
15.  Sixteen Blue
16.  The Ledge
17.  I’ll Be You
18.  Whole Food Blues
19.  Can’t Hardly Wait
20.  Bastards of Young > My Boy Lollipop (Barbie Gaye/Millie Small)
21.  Never Mind
22.  Ghost On The Canvas (Paul Westerberg)
23.  Skyway
24.  Left of the Dial
25.  Alex Chilton
26.  I Want You Back (The Jackson 5)
27.  I.O.U.

Its got bums when it rains...
(note: this is flac format. The taper did not want it distributed in MP3)

Notes:  “The Replacements! A fantastic super rockin’ show. As good as they have ever been. Second night of two at the historic Hollywood venue. These guys are great. Recorded about a third of away back in the pack. Sounds great. Samples below.” - JB

Recording:  JB Audience Master
Sonic Studios mic>Battery Box>Edirol R-09HR>ProTools


  1. Thanks! I'd rather have flac anyway!

  2. The link goes to: "" and there is a message saying that folder does not exist.

    1. try this:,%20Los%20Angeles,%20CA%20(JB).zip

  3. Simply amazing. Cheers! This is easily my favorite blog on the internet. (Also, I've downloaded a shitload since last July. Sorry for not thanking before!)

  4. I am much keyed up for my 16th birthday party for which I have reserved Hollywood venues. I am going to meet all my friends after so long and can't wait anymore for the day to come.

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