Thursday, April 16, 2015

April 9, 2015, Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA (JEMS)

01. Seen Your Video
02. Color Me Impressed
03. Never Mind
04. I Will Dare
05. Kiss Me On The Bus
06. Nobody
07. 20th Century Boy > Bang a Gong (Get It On) (T.Rex) > All Shook Down
08. Anywhere’s Better Than Here
09. Treatment Bound
10. Androgynous
11. I’ll Be You
12. Take Me Down To The Hospital
13. Sixteen Blue
14. The Ledge
15. Maybellene (Chuck Berry)
16. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
17. I’m In Trouble
18. Kissin In Action > Iron Man (Black Sabbath)
19. Left Of The Dial
20. Valentine
21. Waitress In The Sky
22. Within Your Reach
23. Can t Hardly Wait
24. Bastards of Young > My Boy Lollipop (Millie Small)
25. If Only You Were Lonely (snippet)
26. Ghost On The Canvas - Suzanne
27. Skyway
28. Alex Chilton

The phony rock ‘n’ roll,
We don’t wanna know...

Notes: From Tapeboy of JEMS:
A great set by The Replacements on the first night of their “Back By Unpopular Demand” tour at a theater they last played in June of 1991 (which we also taped). The Mats played the first minute and 40 seconds of the show behind a curtain, which they raised as the vocals began for “Seen Your Video.” This setlist was much heavier on deep cuts than the festival appearances they’ve made over the last two years and at least a couple of songs appeared to be in response to requests from the audience.

Recording: JEMS Audience Master
(Nakamichi 700 mics > Olympus LS-7 (24/96 capture) > Wavelab (master and convert to 44.1) > FLAC)


  1. Oh Yeah! This should be very nice. Thanks JEMS, also.

  2. Thanks! Does anyone know what classical prelude is being piped in right before opening "seen your video " instrumental? Some pastoral / bucolic intro....

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