Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September 19, 2014, Forest Hills Stadium, Queens, NY

01.  Intro (West Side Story theme)
02.  Favorite Thing
03.  Takin A Ride
04.  I’m In Trouble
05.  Don’t Ask Why
06.  I’ll Be You
07.  Valentine
08.  Waitress In The Sky
09.  - Tommy dialogue 1
10.  Tommy Got His Tonsils Out > Third Stone From The Sun (Jimi Hendrix)
11.  Take Me Down To The Hospital
12.  I Want You Back
13.  Color Me Impressed
14.  - Tommy dialogue 2
15.  Nowhere Is My Home
16.  If Only You Were Lonely
17.  Achin’ To Be
18.  Kiss Me On The Bus
19.  Androgynous
20.  I Will Dare
21.  Love You Till Friday > Maybellene (Chuck Berry)
22.  Merry Go Roun
23.  All Shook Down
24.  - Tommy dialogue 3
25.  Swingin Party
26.  Love You In The Fall
27.  Can’t Hardly Wait
28.  Bastards of Young
29.  White and Lazy
30.  Left of The Dial
31.  Alex Chilton
32.  Unsatisfied

Stay right there,
Go no further...

Support: The Hold Steady, Deer Tick

Notes: “The band kicked up a solid ruckus, just reckless enough as it worked from punk rock back through echoes of the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, while Mr. Westerberg delivered more than two dozen Replacements songs with the same ragged conviction they held in the 1980s.” - NY Times

Recording: Audience - joez04 MASTER


  1. Love that I have this (first show I saw.) but I have some pretty bad encoding errors (cut-outs, skips, etc.) Did anybody else get those, or was my DL hosed?

    1. Same here, is there a clean version of this show somewhere?