Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 11, 2014, Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival, Indio, CA (FMORALS Source)

01. Intro.
02. Takin’ a Ride
03. I’m in Trouble
04. Favorite Thing
05. Hangin Downtown
06. Color Me Impressed
07. White And Lazy
08. Nowhere Is My Home
09. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out > Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (Four Lads/They Might Be Giants)
10. Achin’ to Be
11. Androgynous
12. Love You Till Friday > Maybellene (Chuck Berry)
13. I’ll Be You
14. Psychopharmacology (Grandpaboy/Paul Westerberg)
15. Left of the Dial
16. Alex Chilton
17. Can’t Hardly Wait
18. Bastards of Young

Gonna get the corner baker,
And I’ll attend to my maker...

Notes: 2014 Band consist of Paul Westerberg, Tommy Stinson, Dave Minehan, Josh Frees

Recording: Audience


  1. Minor nit-picks re: "Constantinople":
    1. TMBG's version is actually a cover of the original which was done by The Four Lads:
    I think the Mats are probably honoring the original here.

    2. The song's name is "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)"

    1. Good info. They may be paying respect to TMBG considering they did a song called "We're The Replacements." Who knows?

  2. Surprised to see a Westerberg solo song make it into the set. Thought that Tommy would say 'Mats songs only. Time to put a Bash N Pop song in!