Thursday, March 13, 2014

February 26, 1991, Toad’s Place, New Haven, CT

01. I Don’t Know
02. I Will Dare
03. Achin’ To Be
04. Bent Out Of Shape
05. Merry Go Round
06. Satellite
07. Happy Town
08. Swingin Party
09. One Wink At A Time
10. Skyway
11. When It Began
12. Waitress In The Sky
13. Someone Take The Wheel
14. Another Girl, Another Planet (Only Ones)
15. Talent Show
16. Asking Me Lies
17. Nobody
18. Don’t Ask Why
19. If Only You Were Lonely
20. Can’t Hardly Wait
21. I’ll Be You
22. Bastards Of Young
23. Never Mind
24. Unsatisfied  > Sadly Beautiful
25. Here Comes A Regular
26. Within Your Reach
27. Left Of The Dial
28. Alex Chilton

Former strippers, junkies and men of the cloth,
And we all fell in line and got lost...

Support: Uncle Tupelo

Recording: Audience


  1. Thank you for this show! This was the last 'Mats show I got to see. The weather was crappy that night because of a snow storm. Uncle Tupelo opened up & they were good. I met Jay Farrar after they were done & he wasn't too talkative. Oh well. Even though the 'Mats were coming to the end of their career they still put on a great show. If Only You Were Lonely, Someone Take The Wheel and Talent Show were a few of the many highlights of the gem. I even got to go backstage after the show & hang with Tommy & Steve (R.I.P.) and enjoy a cold beverage with them. All in all, a great night!


  2. I have a funny story about this show. Prior to The Mats set, Uncle Tupelo put on a blistering show as mentioned before. (They were one of the acts often dogged with being a lighter replacements, but that's beside the point.) Anyway, after the show, when Uncle Tupelo's van, whch was parked behind The Mats bus, was about to leave, it slid through the snow and smashed into the back of The Replacements bus. They drove off without headlights.

    Thanks for bringing back the memories

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