Friday, February 28, 2014

November 19, 1987, Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA

01. Never Mind
02. Valentine
03. Little Mascara
04. Nightclub Jitters
05. Hold My Life
06. Darlin’ One
07. Favorite Thing
08. Gary’s Got A Boner
09. Unsatisfied
10. I Will Dare
11. Waitress In The Sky
12. Within Your Reach
13. The Ledge
14. Black Diamond
15. Color Me Impressed
16. Cruella DeVille
17. Can’t Hardly Wait
18. Dedicated To The One I Love (Shirelles)
19. I Don’t Know
20. I.O.U.
21. Left Of The Dial
22. Election Day
23. Alex Chilton
24. Bastards Of Young

If you were a pill,
I’d take a handful at my will...

Tickets: $14.50

Support: The Dead Milkmen

Good show but sound is ‘distant.’

Recording: Audience


  1. Thanks for posting this. I was at this show. My buddy had won front row seats from the local radio station. IIRC, Dead Milkmen were the opening band.

  2. The Dead Milkmen opened for the Mats at this show. I have been searching for a photo that was taken in the Mats dressing room - was hoping someone might have access to a copy. I was coming down the stairs about 5 minutes before we went on and Paul met me in the stairwell asking if I knew where Slim was. I did not. Paul asked if I would pretend to be Slim because someone was in their dressing room and needed a press photo. I went with Paul and stood behind them. They were all sitting/gathered around a big wing-back chair. I was dressed in ridiculous "Hee-Haw Overalls" and my long hair in pigtails. I would love to get a copy of this photo.

    --Dean Clean

    P.S. Turns out that Slim was downstairs side-stage talking guitars with Joe Jack Talcum.