Monday, January 6, 2014

September 12, 1996, KFOG Fantasy studios, Berkeley, CA

01. Waiting For Somebody
02. Valentine
03. Once Around The Weekend
04. These Are The Days
05. I Will Dare
06. Ain’t Got Me
07. Achin’ To Be
08. John, I’m Only Dancing (David Bowie)
09. MammaDaddyDid
10. Black Eyed Susan
11. Merry Go Round
12. Angels Walk
13. Love Untold
14. Left Of The Dial

Yes that was their way no it ain’t mine,
Guess they did ok at least they tried...

Notes: Full band, live, in studio. Paul talks to the DJ between songs.

Recording: Broadcast

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  1. Thanks for your great posts as always!
    Would you be able to post PW live at APC studios / June 28, 1996?