Wednesday, January 29, 2014

April 22, 2002, Easy Street Records, Seattle, WA

01. Best Thing That Never Happened
02. Lookin’ Out Forever
03. Lush & Green
04. Waiting For Somebody
05. No Place For You
06. Only Lie Worth Telling
07. All I Really Want To Do
08. Eyes Like Sparks
09. We May Be The Ones
10. Alex Chilton
11. Let The Bad Times Roll
12. I Will Dare
13. Swingin Party
14. - audience
15. Someone Take The Wheel

Now I only sleep when spoken too,
So I’ll lay here still in morning dew...

Notes: In-store solo performance

Recording: Audience


  1. That was a great show - I've been waiting for this one to be posted. Paul said "Where are you, Buck?" where the guitar solo should be in "I Will Dare" because Peter Buck was in the audience. I may or may not be the idiot that shouted out a request for "Super Freak." I remember saying something stupid like that during an awkward silence.

    1. That's pretty damn funny. At least it wasn't Freebird!