Thursday, December 12, 2013

September 17, 1996, The Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA

01. Intro > Waiting For Somebody
02. World Class Fad
03. Valentine
04. Once Around The Weekend
05. Mannequin Shop
06. These Are The Days
07. Kiss me On The Bus
08. I Will Dare
09. Stain Yer Blood
10. Ain’t Got Me
11. Century
12. They’re Blind
13. Achin’ To Be
14. MammaDaddyDid
15. Black Eyed Susan
16. Nobody
17. Here Comes  A Regular
18. Waitress In The Sky
19. - Band Intros
20. Merry Go Round
21. Angels Walk
22. Love Untold
23. Talent Show
24. Can’t Hardly Wait
25. Color Me Impressed
26. Alex Chilton
27. Little Mascara
28. Swingin Party
29. Androgynous
30. I’m In Trouble
31. I.O.U.

I know damn well, I’m tired of all this cryin,
On my feet, as far as I can tell...

Tickets: $15.50

Support: The Lemonheads

Notes: Tommy Keene on guitar, Ken Chastain on bass and Josh Freese in the drummers seat.

Recording: Broadcast live on KSCA 101.9

Bootleg: ‘A Lot Of Songs Not For Sale’ 

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  1. I can guarantee you the Lemonheads were NOT the support on this date. I was their bassist in '96; on this date we were in NYC starting rehearsals for a Euro tour in two weeks' time, and Evan was onstage with the Smashing Pumpkins at MSG that night, singing on 1979, which is well documented elsewhere.

    (We WERE offered the opportunity to open for Paul at a show in Connecticut before we left for Europe, but we were seeking a "low-key" show as a warm-up, and this was deemed too high-profile...)

    Bill Gibson