Wednesday, November 13, 2013

February 21, 2005, Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA

01. Merry Go Round
02. Someone Take The Wheel
03. Live Forever (Billy Joe Shaver)
04. Making Me Go
05. Let The Bad Times Roll
06. As Far As I Know
07. Kiss Me On The Bus
08. Final Hurrah
09. AAA
10. Mr. Rabbit
11. - dialogue
12. Knockin’ On Mine
13. I’ll Be You
14. Psychopharmacology > Valentine
15. Born For Me
16. High Time
17. Lookin’ Up In Heaven
18. Skyway
19. - dialogue
20. What A Day For A Night
21. Achin’ To Be
22. Swingin Party
23. Love Untold
24. I Think I Love You (Partridge Family)
25. Ten Years Gone (Led Zeppelin)
26. Only A Hobo (Bob Dylan)
27. Can’t Hardly Wait
28. I Will Dare
29. Now I Wonder
30. Crackle And Drag
31. Alex Chilton
32. Left Of The Dial

Games would be played,
Excuses would be made...

Notes: Fun show. Paul sounds great. Wonderful cover of Dylan’s ‘Only A Hobo.’

Great audience


  1. what an insane show this was. paul smashed his guitar during "i will dare" and a splinter hit him in the face, causing him to leave the stage bleeding from his forehead. he came back with a bandage on his head to finish the show. the "definitely not L.A." line always brings the heat from the SF crowd.

    1. One of my favorite lines too

    2. The guitar smashing was pretty ridiculous--didn't Jim Boquist hold the neck at one point for Westerberg to break it with his feet? This recording does show just how excellent a choice Michael Bland was. Really tough show vocally though--yikes.

  2. Fantastic blog thank you.i like paul westerberg and i have very few bootlegs but would you please post the Minneapolis Pantage 2004 or 2005 ? show i think it's the second night maybe Saturday night, he's opening the show with a cover of "Dust My Broom" if i remember.I used to have it on 128 k but i've lost it.And the quality is great audience.
    Thanks in advance :)