Tuesday, October 22, 2013

May 2, 1986, San Juan Capistrano, CA

01. Gary’s Got A Boner
02. I’m In Trouble
03. Shiftless When Idle
04. Lovelines
05. Color Me Impressed
06. Left Of The Dial
07. Little Mascara
08. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
09. Hear You Been To College
10. Unsatisfied
11. I Will Dare
12. Favorite Thing
13. Hold My Life
14. Rattlesnake
15. Bastards Of Young
16. Johnny’s Gonna Die
18. Black Diamond
19. Baby Strange (T. Rex)
20. Go
21. Answering Machine
22. Lay It Down Clown
23. Dose Of Thunder
24. Waitress In The Sky
25. Nowhere Man (The Beatles)
26. My Sharona (The Knack)
27. Substitute (The Who)
28. Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love (Bad Company)
29. Kiss Me On The Bus
30. Go Away Little Girl (Donny Osmond)
31. Country Road (John Denver)
32. Customer
33. Buck Hill
34. Another Girl, Another Planet (Only Ones)
35. Run It

How young are you?
How old am I?

Notes: Some great, rare covers. You know you are in for a treat when they open with “Gary’s Got A Boner.”

Recording: Audience


  1. My first Mats show! What a great night! Bob missed the first few numbers cause he was in the crowd drinking! There was some dude in the audience who kept screaming Customer until they played it!