Wednesday, October 2, 2013

February 4, 1986, Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ

Soundcheck (included):
Bastards Of Young
That’ll Be The Day (Buddy Holly)
Color Me Impressed

01. Hayday
02. Color Me Impressed
03. Dose Of Thunder
04. Fox On The Run (Sweet)
05. Hold My Life
06. I Will Dare
07. Favorite Thing
08. Unsatisfied
09. Can’t Hardly Wait
10. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
11. Takin A Ride
12. Bastards Of Young
13. Kiss Me On The Bus
14. Black Diamond
15. Johnny’s Gonna Die
16. Otto
17. I’m In Trouble
18. Left Of The Dial
19. God Damn Job
20. Answering Machine
21. Waitress In The Sky
22. Take Me Down To The Hospital
23. Gary’s Got A Boner
24. If Only Your Were Lonely
25. Baby Strange (T. Rex)
26. Hitchin’ A Ride (Vanity Fair)
27. Nowhere Man (The Beatles)
28. Go
29. Fuck School

Look me in the eyes
And tell me that I'm satisfied...

Notes: Classic show. The band is on and mixes in some great covers.

Recording: Soundboard

Bootleg: Maniac / Murder At The Maxwell

* Cover image believed to be from actual show.


  1. I was at this show. One of the best shows I've ever seen; thanks for posting it. And yes, that cover image is from the show. I remember the t-shirt Tommy was wearing. Bob wore a dress for part of the show (backwards & unzipped). I was standing about five feet from him.

  2. Any live recordings of "I'll Buy"?

  3. Well this is going to become an actual live album release now.