Thursday, September 5, 2013

June 9, 1989, Mississippi Nights, St. Louis, MO

01. Talent Show
02. Back To Back
03. Color Me Impressed
04. Favorite Thing
05. I Don’t Know
06. Take Out Some Insurance (Jimmy Reed)
07. The Ledge
08. Nightclub Jitters
09. Cruella DeVille
10. Anywhere’s Better Than Here
11. Within Your Reach
12. Askin Me Lies
13. Sadly Beautiful
14. New World (X)
15. Go
16. Answering Machine
17. Achin To Be
18. Love Lost (James Burton/Slim Dunlap)
19. Another Girl, Another Planet (Only Ones)
20. I Won’t
21. Darlin One
22. Waitress In The Sky
23. If Only You Were Lonely
24. Lovelines
25. Here Comes A Regular
26. Valentine
27. School’s Out (Alice Cooper)
28. I’ll Be You
29. I Will Dare
30. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
31. Bastards Of Young
32. Black Diamond
33. September Gurls (Big Star)
34. Be My Lover (Alice Cooper)
35. 30 Days In The Hole (Humble Pie)

We've got our guitars,
And we've got our thumb picks...

Notes: Rare performance of ‘30 Days In The Hole’ by Humble Pie. Unfortunately ‘Go’ is cut.

Recording: Audience

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