Tuesday, September 10, 2013

June 10, 1989, Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL

01. Color Me Impressed
02. Talent Show
03. I Don’t Know
04. Back To Back
05. Favorite Thing
06. Achin’ To Be
07. The Ledge
08. Anywhere’s Better Than Here
09. Nightclub Jitters
10. Cruella DeVille
11. Waitress In The Sky
12. Askin’ Me Lies
13. Within Your Reach
14. I Will Dare
15. I’ll Be You
16. Another Girl, Another Planet (Only Ones)
17. Can’t Hardly Wait
18. Lovelines
19. Black Diamond
20. Unsatisfied
21. Darlin’ One
22. Bastards Of Young
23. Here Comes A Regular
24. Valentine
25. Never Mind
26. Alex Chilton

It’s the biggest thing in my life I guess,
Look at us all were a nervous wreck...


Notes: Last show of the 1989 headlining tour. This has been released a number of times under many different titles.

Recording: Audience

Bootlegs: The Liquor Is Full / Liquor Where It Counts (incomplete) / Live With Mr. Liquor (incomplete)


  1. Support Band was Slammin' Watusis.

    1. Yes it was the Slammin Watusis.

  2. Jim,

    Support band was Mr. Liquor so the sign says, maybe the other opening act on the bills.


    Anyway, this is a hot show with Westerberg in fine form, Chris is pretty spot on, and recording one of the very best live Mats recordings in circulation.. Darlin' One is exceptional and did not appear played on other tours. This is much more spirited playing than Inconcerated promo CD.

    Jeff T

  3. I was in the Slammin Watusis and I assure you, we were the only other act on the bill that night.