Thursday, September 5, 2013

April 8, 1989, Cook College, New Brunswick, NJ (late show v.1)

01. Intro
02. Hold My Life
03. Talent Show
04. Color Me Impressed
05. Anywhere’s Better Than Here
06. Shooting Dirty Pool
07. Never Mind
08. Sadly Beautiful
09. Back To Back
10. Achin To Be
11. The Ledge
12. Darlin One
13. Another Girl, Another Planet (Only Ones)
14. I Will Dare
15. Hello Dolly (Louis Armstrong/Jazz Standard)
16. Nightclub Jitters
17. Cruella DeVille
18. Waitress In The Sky
19. Around And Around (Rolling Stones)
20. Little Mascara
21. Answering Machine
22. Can’t Hardly Wait
23. Favorite Thing
24. Askin Me Lies
25. I’ll Be You
26. We’ll Inherit The Earth
27. Valentine
28. Go
29. Alex Chilton
30. Left Of The Dial

Struttin' up the aisle,
Big deal you get to fly...

Notes: Late show. The band played two shows on this day. Fantastic early version of “Sadly Beautiful.” At one point Paul even yells out “F” for the chord change. One of the better performance of ‘89.

Recording: Audience

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