Thursday, September 12, 2013

April 16, 1991, Marquee Club, London, England

01. I Will Dare
02. Achin To Be
03. Bent Out Of Shape
04. Another Girl, Another Planet (Only Ones)
05. Merry Go Round
06. Satellite
07. Swingin Party
08. One Wink At A Time
09. Waitress In The Sky
10. When It Began
11. Cruella DeVille
12. Someone Take The Wheel
13. Hey Good Lookn’ (Hank Williams)
14. Talent Show
15. Nightclub Jitters
16. Asking Me Lies
17. Color Me Impressed
18. If Only You Were Lonely
19. Nobody
20. Here Comes A Regular
21. Can’t Hardly Wait
22. Answering Machine
23. I’ll Be You
24. Little Mascara
25. Alex Chilton
26. Bastards Of Young

Somewhere there's a party,
Here it's never ending...

Notes: “The problem with playing in one town in two days is now we have to dedicate every other fucking song - so this one is to Penny, with love from Keith.” - Paul Westerberg

Recording: Audience

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  1. I get all manner of dire warnings when I try to download this file. I seem to end up with a .ch website rather than the more usual Mega. Can someone advise if it is safe to proceed? It is frustrating because I was at this gig and would really like to hear it again. Thanks very much, Simon W