Friday, October 4, 2013

July 25, 1983, The Pier, Raleigh, NC

01. Hayday (incomplete)
02. I’m In Trouble
03. Favorite Thing
04. Willpower
05. Johnny’s Gonna Die
06. God Damn Job
07. Run It
08. Take Me Down To The Hospital
09. Color Me Impressed
10. Love You Till Friday
11. Dope Smokin Moron
12. Fuck School
13. I Will Dare
14. Temptation Eyes (Grass Roots)
15. Kids Don’t Follow
16. Don’t Ask Why
17. Gimme Noise
18. Eighteen (Alice Cooper)
19. Go

Some girls are a pain in my life,
When they try to be my wife...

Notes: Nice version of ‘I’m Eighteen.’ Recording fades out during ‘Go.’

Recording: Audience

Bootleg: Geniuses Act Like Idiots

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