Wednesday, September 11, 2013

October 4, 1984, Stache’s, Columbus, OH

01.  No More The Moon Shines on Loreena (Carter Family/Traditional)
02.  Johnny B Good (Chuck Berry)
03.  Roadhouse Blues (The Doors)
04.  Light My Fire (The Doors)*
05.  Kansas City Star (Roger Miller)
06.  Great Plains Baby (impromptu snippet)
07.  God Damn Job
08.  Lovelines
09.  Hayday
10.  Go
11.  Answering Machine
12.  Sixteen Blue
13.  Johnny’s Gonna Die
14.  Nowhere Is My Home
15.  Cocksucker Blues (Rolling Stones)
16.  Can’t Hardly Wait
17.  Color Me Impressed
18.  Take Me Down To The Hospital
19.  Left In The Dark (Vertebrats)
20.  Black Diamond
21.  I Will Dare
22.  Unsatisfied

I need a God damn girl,
I really need a God damn girl...

Notes: Great show. Exene Cervenka of X joins the band (*) to great effect and audience satisfaction. At the start of ‘Sixteen Blue’ the recording levels really jump and the sound becomes pretty distorted in places. Stache’s was a Columbus, OH institution - a dive bar with a stage about knee high and a ceiling you could reach up and touch. It played host to about every up and coming band throughout the 1980s and 90s before being demolished in 1997. The owner opened a new location, called Little Brother’s (where Tommy stinson has performed) about two miles south of the original. It closed in the summer of 2007.

Recording: Soundboard


  1. Oh, man..does this ever bring back memories.

    While I did not see this '84 show by the 'mats I did catch quite a few gigs from '86 to '88 (Descendents, Great Plains, Dead Milkmen, Salem 66, Volcano Suns, Big Dipper, Ben Vaughn, Soul Asylum, fIREHOSE, Celibate Rifles, Tommy Keene, Die Kreuzen, etc.)

    The "no stage diving" admonishment on the sign is amusing considering that the stage was about 6" high.

    Staches was the coolest of clubs in a peculiarly seedy-hip section of High Street.

  2. Any chance of reposting this one?

  3. Awesome fucking show-- one of the best nights of my life.

  4. Hello,

    Would love to have this. Does OP have any connection to the bar, or know anybody who may have a connection? I know the bar is shut down now, but I was trying to track down the owner about some other shows... If anybody has any information, please email me: -Thank you