Wednesday, September 11, 2013

May 13, 1984, Exit, Chicago, IL

01. Gary’s Got A Boner
02. I’m In Trouble
03. Favorite Thing
04. Sixteen Blue
05. Unsatisfied
06. Take Me Down To The Hospital
07. Rattlesnake
08. Color Me Impressed
09. Willpower
10. Johnny’s Gonna Die
11. I Will Dare
12. God Damn Job
13. Go
14. Otto
15. Heartbeat (It’s A Lovebeat) (DeFranco Family)
16. We’re Coming Out
17. Black Diamond
18. Love You Till Friday
19. Kids Don’t Follow
20. Hootenanny

Some girls are a pain in my life,
When they try to be my wife...

Notes: The hugely underated ‘Go’ continues to be a highlight of these early performances. In the mid 90s there used to be a Chicago club called ‘Exit’ that was a biker/industrial club, not sure if this is the same venue or not.

Recording: Audience


  1. The original Exit was located on Wells/North Ave. which was where this show took place.

  2. back in the late 70s early 80s, this Exit was a "new wave" club

  3. This is the same club. It was on Wells a block north of North Ave., and by the late 80s had morphed into a more industrial bent. The club moved at some point to it's current location.