Thursday, September 12, 2013

July 7, 1984, Cubby Bear Lounge, Chicago, IL

01. Hayday
02. Can’t Hardly Wait
03. Light My Fire (The Doors)
04. Gary’s Got A Boner
05. I Will Dare
06. Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) (Edison Lighthouse)
07. Color Me Impressed
08. Johnny’s Gonna Die
09. We’re Coming Out
10. Unsatisfied
11. Take Me Down To The Hospital
12. Black Diamond
13. I’m In Trouble
14. Let It Be
15. Music Is My Life
16. Go
17. Fuck School
18. God Damn Job
19. Shut Up

One more day anyway,
One more chance threw away...

Notes: ‘Light My Fire’ is actually played completely through. ‘Johnny’s Gonna Die’ is played fast while ‘Take Me Down To The Hospital’ is slowed down to an almost lounge song. At one point someone yells “Bootlegger.” Pretty tight set considering the time period and rowdy crowd.

Recording: Audience


  1. I was at this show. Epic music night in Chicago. REM played at the Aragon (with Dream Syndicate as supporting act), then the Cubby Bear had $5 off admission to this show with your REM ticket. Del Fuegos were opening band. The Mats were drunk, but great, and Peter Buck and Michael Stipe were there to watch....