Wednesday, September 11, 2013

July 31, 1987, The Pier, Raleigh, NC

01.  Hold My Life
02.  Bastards Of Young
03.  Sweet Home Chicago (Robert Johnson)
04.  Takin’ A Ride
05.  Can’t Hardly Wait
06.  I Will Dare
07.  Nightclub Jitters
08.  Little Mascara
09.  Answering Machine
10.  Within Your Reach
11.  The Ledge

Just might, just might
Just might...

Notes: Incomplete recording

Recording: Audience

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  1. Just a heads up that the photos of the Pier depicted here are of the original Pier that was located underground at Cameron Village Subway at the Cameron Village Shopping Center in Raleigh, which closed down in 1984. The actual location of this concert was at "The New Pier" located in the Mission Valley Shopping Center, also in Raleigh. The owners of the original Pier had no affiliation with this location and weren't exactly fond of the use of the name.