Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Chris Mars: Broadcast + Promo Anthology

“In Other Words” Smash/Island Promo Tape
01. Introduction
02. Better Days (LP)
03. Interview
04. Midnight Carnival (LP)
05. Interview
06. Monkey Sees (LP

April 6, 1992, Modern Rock Live

07. Interview
08. Interview
09. Interview
10. Interview

March 29, 1993, Rockline, KROG FM, Los Angeles, CA

11. Interview
12. Public Opinion (live in studio)
13. Interview
14. No Bands (live in studio)
15. Interview

1992 “Monkey Sees” promo

16. Dawn, Dawn

1993 “The Bob” Magazine #46 Flexi-Disc

17. Gymnasium Blues

“Twin Tone Hits of Mid America Vol.4”
18. Hank Slumped (w/David Postlethwaite and Tommy Stinson)

Who's gonna love them,
When they're unknown...

Recording: Broadcast


  1. Hi and thanks for this gem. Mars is an incredibly talented singer-songwriter and I hope we'll see some new music from him someday. Also go and watch his videos on youtube (there are at least 4) because they're all worth it too.

  2. Both links dead, would love to see a reupload, thanks!

  3. Any chance of a re-up? Thanks!