Wednesday, September 11, 2013

April 23, 1981, Zoogies, Minneapolis, MN

disc one:
01.  Takin A Ride
02.  Careless
03.  Trouble Boys (Rockpile)
04.  More Cigarettes
05.  Off Your Pants
06.  Don’t Ask Why
07.  Like You
08.  Something To Du
09.  ?
10.  I Made A Mistake
11.  - interlude
12.  Junior’s Got A Gun
13.  Thinking Of You
14.  My Town (Slade)
15.  I’m In Trouble
16.  Kick Your Door Down
17.  Hanging Downtown
18.  Johnny’s Gonna Die
19.  All By Myself (Johnny Thunders)
20.  Don’t Turn Me Down (Jimmy Rogers)
21.  Get Lost
22. Otto
22.  Watch Me Cry
23.  Shiftless When Idle
24.  I Wanna Be Loved (Johnny Thunders)
25.  Customer
26.  Rattlesnake
27.  Slow Down (Larry Williams/The Beatles)
28.  Substitute (The Who)
29.  Raised In The City
30.  Shut Up
31.  All Day And All Of The Night (The Kinks)
32.  Love You Till Friday
33.  I Hate Music
34.  Temptation Eyes (Grass Roots)

Your radio is playin’ rather loud,
It don’t sound like me...

Recording: Audience

Notes: This should be the correct running order for this show. It has circulated in different forms. The “Drink & Drive” bootleg has the show starting with “Don’t Turn Me Down” which is incorrect.

Bootleg: Drink And Drive / The Early Mats / Unknown ‘82


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